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Warther Cutlery, a fourth generation family owned and operated business, is a handcrafted American manufacturer of high-quality kitchen knives, knife storage products, cutting boards, décor and more!

Ernest ‘Mooney’ Warther, later to be known as the World’s Master Carver, first began making carving knives because he could not find a knife that would hold its edge when carving in dense materials such as ebony, ivory and walnut. By working in the local steel mill he was able to learn several techniques on tempering steel. Finding that his carving knives held their edge very well, his mother asked him to make her a kitchen knife.

At the age of 17, in 1902, Mooney presented his mother with his first kitchen knife on Mother’s Day. Now, over 110 years later, Warther Cutlery continues the legacy and tradition.

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The Two Piece Utility Set is my favorite wedding gift to give. Everyone can use a good set of kitchen knives, and this is the gift that will last a lifetime.

Thanks for making my choice easy!

Susan W.

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