Since 1902

At the age of five Ernest “Mooney” Warther found his first pocketknife and began whittling. As a teenager he began carving in walnut wood and bone. He became frustrated with store-bought knives because they would not stay sharp, so he began to design and make his own...

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Handmade Kitchen Knives
3" Paring Knife

$42.00 – $47.00

3" Boning Knife

$47.00 – $52.00

5" Sandwich Knife

$59.00 – $64.00

Hand-Crafted Kitchen Sets
Utility Set

$101.00 – $111.00

Starter Set

$172.00 – $187.00

Chef Set

$229.00 – $244.00

Kitchen Essentials Set

$280.00 – $300.00

Cutting Boards
Cutting Board Oil

$2.50 – $13.99

9"x9" Cutting Board

$29.00 – $44.00

Butcher Blocks

Handmade Kitchen Cutlery

At Warther Cutlery, we create kitchen knives made by hand in our facility in Dover, Ohio. With over 115 years in the knife industry, we can confidently provide you with a high-quality knife that will last a lifetime. All of our handmade kitchen cutlery includes premium-grade S45VN steel, which is designed specifically for corrosion and wear resistance. Our professional cutlery products hold an edge longer than many other knives. We offer free lifetime sharpening and a lifetime guarantee on all of our hand-crafted knives. Shop our website to learn more about the benefits of our American-made and handmade kitchen cutlery. For assistance, please get in touch with a customer service representative.