Here are some comments/testimonials from current Warther Cutlery customers:

  • "This is the nicest set of knives I have ever owned. I have the counter top box set of kitchen knives and the steak knives. Absolutely pleased with them all."
  • "They are beautiful, well made, great balance, the best ones out there!"
  • "They’re both beautiful and functional. I love how long these knives are able to hold an edge. As a professional chef, edge endurance is extremely important."
  • "They stay sharp for a long time, and looks great, and the shop will sharpen them for you for free. I love it."
  • "Our family has had Warther Cutlery knives for 75 plus years. The knives have passed the test of time as my parents' knives are nearly 50 years old, still in active use and our own knives see daily use. We have since passed on the tradition to my wife's family and look forward to giving our two daughters Warther Cutlery when they get married!"
  • "Made in USA, excellent quality, unique stylish look, fine craftsmanship, and perform well."