Did you know that we sharpen our knives free of charge? There are two ways to have your knives sharpened by the knife makers in the shop.

1. Bring Your Knives To Us 

  • Stop in the retail store located at 924 N. Tuscarawas Ave. Dover, OH 44622.
  • Hours are 8:30AM - 4PM Monday through Friday. No Sharpening during 11:30am-1pm.
  • No waiting necessary. It only takes a few minutes to sharpen knives.
  • Can't make it during regular sharpening days? No problem, drop them off on the weekend and they will be sharpened on Monday.

2. Mail Your Knives To Us

  • Click here for information on how to prepare and send your knives and download a knife sharpening form to include with your package.

* We do not sharpen serrated knives. If your serrated knife is at a point where it is unusable, the knife makers will grind down the edge to make it a normal  blade.

Sharpening Pricing

Warther Knives: Free

Non-Warther Knives: $3/knife

Scissors: $6/scissor