All cutting boards can be personalized to make unique and lasting gifts. Choose from one of our 9 patterns or contact us for custom options such as a company logo. Engraving and Inlay options vary based on product and sizing.

Custom Engraving

Engraving is the process of using a laser to carve away from the product, leaving the desired logo or wording marked into the surface. Engraving cannot be resurfaced and is noticeable to the touch.

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Custom Inlay

Inlay is the process of using two contrasting pieces of wood to make a flush logo or wording on the surface. The desired artwork will be carved out of the wood and then replaced with a puzzle-piece-like fit in contrasting wood. An inlay is able to be resurfaced over time and is flush to the touch.

Video: How It's Made

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For More Information or Assistance

Please speak with one of our helpful sales associates at 330-343-7513 or 1-855-640-8738.
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